Supporting a campaign

Support projects by voting for them and/or financing them.

Steps to follow

1) Go to an then to the section Launchpad. Or directly to:

Launchpad consists of 2 different campaigns:

a. Vote:

The backers decide in each campaign which projects go to the Fund round. This stage may include projects receiving rewards for winning.

Projects are supported with voting power that is acquired with mpDAO.

b. Fund:

Supporters invest with the lossless NEAR staking rewards-based system and receive in return the total of their $Near invested and the project native tokens.

While the project founders receive the NEAR staking rewards.

It is a Win-Win system.

2) Select the section you want to access: vote, fund or launched.

Depending on whether or not there are voting and/or financing campaigns, the corresponding buttons will appear or not.

Active Vote and Fund Campaign.

Active is only Vote or Fund campaign.

There are no active campaigns.


The voting stage consists of 2 steps:

1) Project Choice: Once the project to support and vote for has been analyzed and chosen, select it to be voted. During this stage, you will be able to analyze and learn about the project, its social medias, web page, its fundraising campaign, learn about the team and watch videos and related documentation.

Click "Vote now" on the chosen project to see all information about.

Connect your wallet by clicking the Connect wallet to Vote button.

Choose your preferred wallet, for this example, we will use MyNearWallet.

2) Project vote: Already being on the project page to be voted on, with connected wallet.

Assign the Voting Power to it. If you do not have voting power, in this link we explain how to obtain it or click on the Get Voting Power button.

Once the voting campaign is over, you can start the process to recover 100% of your mpDAO.

This is how you vote for projects in Launchpad, simply, safely and getting 100% of your $Meta back.


Here the magic of Launchpad and lossless NEAR staking rewards-based system.

You can invest in projects by earning project native tokens and keeping absolutely all of your initial capital.

This is how it works:

The initial investment capital is measured in $NEARs, but in order to back a project you need $stNEAR. We invite you to read our guide explaining what is stNEAR, how it works and what is liquid staking.

You can get $stNEAR through liquid staking with Meta Pool: an then to the section Stake. Or directly to:

$stNEAR and Liquid Staking

The important things about $stNEAR are that:

· $stNEAR price is a direct function and totally dependent of the $NEAR price

· $stNEAR accrues in value every epoch

· the $stNEAR value accrues by the APY (that is ~10% as of today)

So, if you “liquid stake” 10 $NEAR now you will get ~9.00 $stNEAR and that increases over time.

That also means that if you unstake your $stNEAR after 12 months, you will get back ~11 $NEAR which are composed of your initial 10 $NEAR + the staking rewards that will be of ~1 $NEAR

Backing a Project with $stNEAR on Launchpad

To back a project on Launchpad, the element used to fund that project is the staking reward. Leveraging our Liquid Staking example used before, this means that only the 1 $NEAR staking reward generated after 12 months goes to the Project backed.

And most importantly, you get back ALL of your initial capital 10 $NEAR! Thus, Launchpad makes this backing processing 100% losseless for the backer.

Since you need $stNear to support projects, get $stNear through Liquid Staking with Meta Pool or swap tools from other platforms. Remember that your initial capital is measured in the valuation in $Near of your $stNear.

Once you have obtained $stNear or if you already had $stNear, go to the Launchpad section, connect your wallet and fund a project.

Connect your wallet on Meta Vote

Connect your wallet by clicking the Connect wallet to Fund button.

Choose your preferred wallet, for this example, we will use MyNearWallet.

Lock your $stNEAR

Analyze the project to support, its campaign, vesting time, its fundraising goals, rewards according to the goals achieved, etc.

In exchange for backing a project you will receive as a reward a certain number of the project’s native token. In a near future NFT as reward should be supported by Launchpad too.

The quantity of project’s tokens awarded is proportional to the amount of $stNEAR you use to fund the project. The ratio of Reward per $stNEAR and, therefore the value of the Project’s native toke, is determined by the project itself based on its own specific criteria which could be such as:

· Upcoming IDO or IDO already done

· Pre-sale / Private sale parameters


· Airdrop

· Etc.

Important: this number of token rewards varies from one project to another, from one fundraising campaign to another.

The number of tokens you receive in exchange for your $stNEAR is also a function of the funding goal reached.

Once the decision is made, deposit your $stNear in order to support the project.

Done, you are already part of the investors who support this project.

Achieved goals

The projects determine in the information and description, the rewards to provide to their supporters according to the collection goals achieved.

Therefore, once the fundraising campaign is over, it will be possible to know which goal was achieved.

If the project failed to reach the first goal, all investments will be returned to the supporters intact.

Having reached at least the first goal, the supporter's $stNear will be locked to start the process of supporting the project.


Once the fundraising period has ended, the fundraising goal achieved is analyzed and rewards are assigned to supporters according to what was pre-established. This includes the vesting system.

Each investor gets two bonds:

  1. First Bond: In $NEAR tokens. This amount corresponds to the valuation in $NEAR of the $stNEAR locked at the end of the Fund period.

  2. Second bond: For the amount of Tokens of the supported project to receive in gradual release.

Invested $stNEARs are locked until the informed period ends.

Locked period ended

Once the locked period ends, the supporter gets his $Near invested at the beginning of the campaign back, in $stNear valued at the current price. (Initial capital). Backers always get ALL their $NEAR token back (without the staking rewards from the period, those goes to the project paid in $stNEAR tokens).

And the vesting period of the project native token also ends.

Therefore, the supporter now has their initial capital intact, plus the rewards in project native tokens.

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