How to stake my ETH and receive mpETH in Meta Pool?

We have a tutorial Stake for that ;)

Go to metapool.app -> Stake -> Stake ETH and enter the $ETH amount to stake.

How can I show the mpETH token in my Ehtereum wallet?
  1. Go to the Dashboard section.

  2. Select the three dots button.

  3. Click on: add Token.

Where can I check my staking and liquidity rewards?

You can visit "Dashboard" section to know the value of your Tokens.

This is the way to verify your staking rewards.

In "Liquidity" section you can verify the number of Tokens provided.

Iโ€™m an $ETH token holder, why $mpETH is important to me?

If you stake $ETH, you can get $mpETH and it's like keeping your $ETH tokens and increasing their valuation with an APY currently of approx. 5%

Which is the fee for unstake of $mpETH?

For fast unstake (instant/Fast unstake) the fees varies linearly according to the quantity of liquidity available in Meta Pool Liquidity Pool. Range: $mpETH to $ETH: 0.3% to 5%.

If you make a delayed unstake that takes a maximum of 9 days, there are no fees, but during the unstake period you will not generate rewards.

How can I get $mpETH?

Staking $ETH tokens in Meta Pool.

Are staking rewards staked automatically?

The rewards are accrued in the value of the $mpETH automatically every second.

How soon after staking will I begin to receive rewards?

In Meta Pool, rewards start immediately after staking. Once you stake you will be able to see how the valuation of your mpETH increases second by second.

mpETH rewards are built into the token. Effectively, your rewards accumulate all the time as mpETH grows in value to ETH.

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