Delegation and Representation

The Meta Pool DAO operates on NEAR, so to vote, the representation of the Ethereum account has to be delegated to a NEAR account. This way, you can vote, receive payments for voting, etc., without having to remove your assets from the Ethereum network.



Vote on its Network. No representation delegation required.

Vote from the NEAR Network. Requires delegating representation to a NEAR account.

Payments for Voting

Can claim the voting payments on its own Network.

Has to claim the voting payments on the NEAR network from the NEAR representative account.

Manage lock position (Lock, unbond, withdraw)

From its own network (NEAR).

From its own network (Ethereum).

How does representation with my NEAR account work?

Once your Ethereum account is delegated to your NEAR account, a new Drop Down in the Voting Power Dashboard appears on the NEAR representative network.

Network selector

The Network Selector is used to choose the network you will be working with. In the section "My Votes, it allows you to perform different transactions depending on the selected network.

In this section, you can currently only choose between: NEAR or Ethereum.

With the Ethereum network, you can:

  • Add Voting Power (Lock mpDAO)

  • Unbond your Locking Positions

  • Withdraw your mpDAOs.

With the NEAR network, you can:

  • Represent multiple Ethereum accounts in addition to your own NEAR account.

    • For Voting

    • For claiming voting payments

  • For the NEAR account:

    • Add Voting Power (Lock mpDAO)

    • Unbond your Locking Positions

    • Withdraw your mpDAOs.

The payments for the votes must be claimed from the representative NEAR account. Never from the Ethereum network.

Account to represent selector

From the NEAR network, you will be able to select which account you will be participating with in the Meta Pool DAO.

You can choose to act with the NEAR account itself or any of the represented Ethereum accounts.

The Ethereum accounts represented by the NEAR account can be recognized because they end with evmp.near. This account name consist of "your Ethereum account number" + .evmp.near. This is because evmp.near are mirrored Ethereum accounts that allow you to vote on the NEAR network.

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