NEAR Network

NEAR Network Smart Contracts Addresses

stNEAR Token (NEP-141), Liquid staking Contract

mainnet: meta-pool.near

testnet: stNEAR NEP-141 Token, meta-v2.pool.testnet

source code:

Important Contract Methods

get_st_near_price(&self) -> U128String Returns how many near one stNEAR is worth.

Usage example, getting stNEAR price using a callback:

get_contract_state(&self) -> GetContractStateResult Recover multiple parameters related to metapool, including total tokens locked, available liquidity on liquidity pool, stNEAR price and close to 30 others params.

mpDAO Governance Token:

mainnet: mpdao-token.near

testnet: mpdao-token.testnet

mpDAO Voting Contract:

mainnet: mpdao-vote.near

testnet: v1.mpdao-vote.testnet


lockup-meta-pool.near: frozen stake contract to stake xxx.lockup.near accounts

(deprecated) META Governance Token:

mainnet: meta-token.near

testnet: token.meta.pool.testnet

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