Promotional Launch Period - Until September 21st.

Meta Pool offers in the launch period of Meta Pool on Ethereum an unmissable promotion. We will be providing 0.75 ETH every week to the protocol which will be distributed among all mpETH holders. Resulting in a promotional period with an APY starting at approximately 61%.

The launch of the Meta Pool on Ethereum begins on Monday, July 17, 2023 and ends on Thursday, September 21, 2023.

Important: During the promotion period you will not be able to make ETH unstake.

The promotional launch period is a great opportunity to earn up to 61% APY, but keep in mind that your tokens will be locked until September 21st. After that, you'll be able to unstake them and withdraw your earnings.

Important: Currently the activation time of Validators on the Ethereum network takes approximately 40 days. With this promotion we are providing a special service to mpETH holders awaiting the activation of the first validators in the Meta Pool Ecosystem.

How often are rewards distributed for Ethereum staking?

Meta Pool ETH, the mpETH token includes in its price all the staking rewards. mpEHT is the only liquid staking toke that register rewards (increases in price relative to ETH) every second. Besides this special characteristic of mpETH, designed to better serve its holders, the frequency of effective Ethereum staking rewards depends on network conditions. In Ethereum 2.0, which utilizes the beacon and shard chains, rewards are distributed at regular intervals called epochs. An epoch in Ethereum 2.0 currently lasts approximately 6.4 minutes. During each epoch, validators can earn rewards based on their active participation and successful validation of blocks. However, it's important to note that not all validators receive rewards in every epoch. The chances of earning rewards depend on the validator's stake and performance compared to other validators.

Why the initial APY is 61%

Meta Pool ETH launchs on mainnet on July 17th 2023. During the first 10 weeks, the APY is incentivized, starting at 61% APY

Is there a maximum amount I can stake?

No, you can stake at your discretion, unlimited.

For every 32 ETH accumulated in the protocol, the Meta Pool will activate a new validator that will increase the rewards of the entire staking pool.

What is the minimum amount to unstake?

The minimum amount to unstake is 0.01 ETH.

How long does it take to unstake my ETH?

In Meta Pool you can stake $ETH and/or unstake $ETH immediately. There is no waiting time with our liquid staking solution (Fast Unstake).

A liquid unstake can be compared to a swap on DEXs.

How does unstaking works?

There are 2 options for unstaking: you can unstake immediatly "liquid-unstake / Fast Unstake" or you can do a "Delayed-unstake".

If you do "Liquid-unstake / Fast Unstake", you swap immediately $mpETH to $ETH paying a liquidity fee (0,3-5%).

Fast Unstake

If you use "Delayed-unstake" option there is no fee (zero fee), but you will need to wait min. 2 days up to 9 days to get your $ETH. Withdrawal period can take anywhere between 2-9 days. After that, you can claim your ETH using the Withdraw button.

Delayed Unstake

In both cases, you will need a small amount of ETH tokens to confirm transactions.

How do I receive rewards?

By staking ETH you receive mpETH that increases its value second by second according to the rewards obtained by Meta Pool validators.

Rewads per second: the price of mpETH increases second by second with an estimated increase in projected earnings. Every 24 hours is set to the actual value.

How soon after staking will I begin to receive rewards?

In Meta Pool, rewards start immediately after staking. Once you stake you will be able to see how the valuation of your mpETH increases second by second.

mpETH rewards are built into the token. Effectively, your rewards accumulate all the time as mpETH grows in value to ETH.

Does Meta Pool charge for the service?

Meta Pool takes a 10% technical service fee from the staking reward to cover for the provided services and operations.

That means the users receive 90% of the staking rewards returned by the networks.

What is mpETH token?

mpETH token means Meta Pool ETHER, representing your share of the MetaPool stake in the Ethereum Network. After staking, you can use your mpETH in other markets while still earning rewards (coming soon).

Each second, the mpETH tokens price will increase as staking-rewards are added to the pool. mpETH tokens price will always increase as long as there are staking rewards.

mpETH token is a perfect collateral asset in the Ethereum ecosystem, because its price increments every epoch measured in ETH.

I can use mpETH for DeFi?

Soon partnerships will be announced. Stay tuned!

Is it secure to hold $mpETH?

Yes. Meta Pool is audited by Blocksec and is currently being audited by Halborn and tested by an internal team.

The Meta Poolโ€™s team has put a high effort on security for the $mpETH's smart contract.

ETH in Liquidity

The Meta Pool Liquidity Pool allows users to Fast Unstake while users providing liquidity to the mpETH<>ETH liquidity pool can earn fees on each sell. In order to provide more advantages to liquidity providers, if there is a surplus of ETH Liquidity in the pool, it will be used to activate validators, but taking into account that there must always be 50% of ETH in the Pool. And minimum for it to happen there must be 32 ETH in the Pool. When more validators are activated, more rewards are obtained and therefore the value of mpETH increases.

Deposite Fee

As the value of mpETH increased second by second, a small fee for stakers was implemented, in order to ensure the operation of the protocol. This fee is very small, being a maximum of 1%.

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