Vote-to-Earn rewards

With the Vote-to-Earn rewards program, we aim to create a thriving ecosystem where users not only have a voice in decision-making but also benefits by their involvement.

In Governance v0.2, we're introducing the payment of rewards on $stNEAR tokens. This approach replaces the distribution of locked mpDAO token rewards, which was a feature of Governance v0.1. This change ensures that participating community members have direct access to their rewards, promoting transparency and providing a seamless experience as we evolve our governance mechanisms.

On a monthly basis, 65% of stNEAR protocol fees are allocated to the community members in the Vote-to-Earn rewards mechanism. This mechanism is designed to incentivize active participation within the Meta Pool ecosystem. It involves distribution of the protocol fees among all voters, creating a system where community members are rewarded for their engagement and decision-making within the governance framework.

Active participation is pivotal in any governance system, and at Meta Pool, we highly value the engagement of our community members. Meta Pool remains committed to enhancing engagement and ensuring that those who actively participate in the platform's governance are rewarded for their contributions. These rewards are designed to recognize and incentivize the involvement of our users in the decision-making processes of the mpDAO.

Accounts & Transparency

All transfers are made on-chain. Protocol fees are accumulated in the meta-pool-dao-7.near account. Monthy on day 3, 65% of the protocol fees are transferred to active voters. The rest is used to finance the mpDAO grants and if not all stNEARs are used, the rest is accumulated in the account meta-pool-dao-6.near for future grants.

  • meta-pool-dao-7.near : Monthly protocol fees accumulation

  • meta-pool-dao-6.near : mpDAO Grants reserve

Claim your rewards

To claim their rewards, users simply need to visit the Meta Pool website, in the section vote -> My Votes, you will be able to claim stNEAR rewards if available.

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