Delayed Unstake

Traditional Unstake

NEAR Chain: Delayed Unstake is the default form of unstaking from any validator on the NEAR protocol: due to the design of the network, validators wait 4 - 6 epochs (48-72 hours) before releasing the staked funds back to the user. Delayed unstaking is fee free for all users.

AURORA Chain: Delayed unstake that takes a maximum of 4 days, there are no fees, but during the unstake period you will not generate rewards. $stAURtokens are managed and holded by the $stAUR contract in a non-custodial service. Any user is able to redeem their $AURORA tokens through the unstake service at any time.

ETHEREUM Chain: coming soon.

To withdraw your funds from Meta Pool using Delayed Unstake simply:

  1. Token selection: Choose the token of your preference. Note that by default the staking is in the $NEAR token, but make sure to select the desired token.

  2. Select then the Delayed Unstake option.

  3. Enter the amount of the LST (stNEAR, stAUR or mpETH) you wish to unstake. View the estimated time to make the withdrawal.

  4. Click the Unstake button and approve the transaction.

  5. Now you can view the status of your delayed unstake and the remaining time to make the withdrawal.

  6. After the specified time, can you make the withdrawal. Your transaction will be confirmed by the blockchain, you'll have your original Digital Asset + staking rewards on your wallet.

If there is a delayed unstake in progress and another is requested, note that the amounts are added, but the time is reset for both.

Another delayed unstake cannot be requested, if there is a withdrawal pending to be executed.

The delayed unstake status can be also view in the dashboard section.

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