The new Liquid Staking solution launched by Meta Poolโ€™s team is designed to provide a passive income to holders within the Aurora ecosystem. This innovative solution enhances the functionality of the $AURORA token by offering a staking service that allows users to earn rewards while their tokens remain liquid and accessible.

Additionally, having a native token provides an added layer of security as it eliminates the reliance on third-party bridges for transferring tokens across different chains.

The yield mechanism

You may wonder how the value of the $stAUR token grows over time. Fortunately, grasping this concept becomes straightforward once you delve into the intricacies of Aurora+. You can sign up for Aurora+ here and if you have any questions, you can visit the FAQ and the stAUR Github.

Aurora+ is an exclusive membership program created specifically for users of Aurora. By becoming a member, individuals gain access to a variety of valuable benefits that enhance their overall experience. These perks include access to free transactions and the opportunity to earn multiple rewards by staking their $AURORA tokens.

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