How does Meta Pool Work?

When you liquid stake $NEAR with Meta Pool, your $NEAR tokens are distributed to 80+ validator nodes. This helps decentralize and secure NEAR Protocol and allows new nodes coming into the NEAR Protocol network to get more exposure to retail $NEAR holders.

Meta Pool smart contract not only distributes funds across many validators, but it also automatically rebalances the allocation to each validator.

The rebalancing is based on several parameters such as the % of funds staked with each validator (preventing any one validator from being too concentrated), and overall performance (deterring and removing underperforming validators which can undermine the network).

We have 4 criteria for selecting validators on the NEAR network, that are in line with our ethos of transparency and fairness:

  1. Uptime > 95%

  2. Fees < 10%

  3. Making sure the validator doesn't reduce the Nakamoto Coefficient

  4. Have enough tokens to accomplish the seat price of NEAR Protocol

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