How to get mpDAO - Uniswap

At the moment it is only possible to obtain mpDAO on the Ethereum network.

How to obtain mpDAO?

1) Go to Uniswap.

2) Connect your wallet

3) Select USDT for the token in the field: You pay.

4) Display the "Select token" drop down of the "You receive" field.

4) Add the address of mpDAO token to the field: "Search name or paste address". Enter Meta Pool governance token address - mpDAO Token: 0x798bcB35D2d48C8cE7eF8171860B8d53A98b361d

mpDAO token address: 0x798bcB35D2d48C8cE7eF8171860B8d53A98b361d

5) Now you can see below the mpDAO token appeared. Click on it to select it.

6) You will receive a warning message. Please read it and accept it in order to continue. Click on: I understand.

Now that you have selected the source token and destination token for your swap, you are ready to swap for mpDAO tokens.

7) Enter the amount of USDT you wish to exchange for mpDAO in the box that says: You pay. Or Enter the amount of mpDAO tokens you wish to get.

8) Click on Swap button

9) Click on Approve and Swap

10) Approve the transaction in your wallet.

11) Congratulations, you now have your mpDAO tokens and can go to Meta Pool Vote to lock them, receive rewards and be part of Meta Pool Governance.

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