FAQ Initiatives

What Kind of Initiatives the community representatives should present?

Is expected that initiatives proposed to achieve Meta Pool vision and mission.

In this sense, initiatives can include: community activations, education programs, participation in events, and enhancing Meta Poolโ€™s functionalities.

How will the DAO track the initiatives?

A platform will be launched on metapool.app to present and manage initiatives in the Vote section.

Where can I see all the initiatives?

Visit metapool.app, and go to Vote -> Initiatives.

Is it better to present an initiative with a virtual or IRL activity?

You can choose which is better!

Just remember, virtual events happen all the time, an IRL activity, such as a staking party can be a good idea..

How can I vote for an initiative?

You can vote using the voting power achieved by locking mpDAO tokens.

How much funding will receive an initiative?

The amount will vary depending on the amount of votes received and the amount of money available for the round.

Who can present an initiative?

Any community representative interested in doing so.

Is there any minimum amount of votes?

The voting process will be valid only if the total voting power is higher than the amount of participants times 100,000

How many initiatives can I present?

There is no limited number of initiatives that can be presented on every round.

We suggest that you put all the effort on the initiatives proposed, thinking a single well elaborated initiative can have better impact.

What information do I need to present for an Initiative?

The following is the information required for a initiative to be proposed:

  • Title

  • One liner description

  • Description

  • Goal

  • Budget (USD)

  • How will you achieve the selected goal?

  • Execution Date

  • Link to Document

What will happen if an accepted initiative is not done?

The core team will look for an explanation about what is happening with the initiative and find conciliation mechanisms to execute the initiative.

What will happen if the rewards received are not enough to finish the initiative?

An initiative will have 2 chances in a row to obtain enough fundings for its execution. The funding approved from the first voting will be saved for the next round.

In case it doesnโ€™t reach an enough number of votes, the funding approved will be lost and returned to its treasury for new initiatives.

How long the execution of an initiative could last?

The execution time is expected to last 4 weeks maximum.

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