Why are we doing a Whitelisting?

Meta Pool is using it to limit who can participate in a first stage of launching our Liquid staking for testing purposes.

Why is it necessary a Whitelist?

The goal of whitelisting is to protect the early stage of the contract and test it properly with a limited number of users.

What is a whitelist?

Whitelisting is a security feature that restricts access to certain functions or events to a specific list of approved addresses.

What are the benefits of Aurora vs NEAR?

Aurora is an EVM compatible network that allows deployment of any Solidity contract available. It takes advantage of the high speed and scalability of NEAR Protocol and the infrastructure for smart contracts of Ethereum.

What are the benefits of staking?

Staking allows users to have a passive income while preserving their tokens.

How to be whitelisted?

You can participate in the AURORA Whitelisting by completing this form: https://bit.ly/wstaur.

Important: your wallet must not have been created recently (within the last week) and must include Aurora token.

When will the whitelist finish?

Six weeks after the launch of Liquid staking in AURORA: June 08, 2023

Benefits of participating on the whitelisting of stAUR?

Be one of the first users to test the platform and obtain stAUR.


How to stake my AURORA and receive stAUR in the Aurora chain?

Go to metapool.app -> Stake -> Stake Aurora and enter the $AURORA amount to stake.

How is the APY of $stAUR calculated?

The APY is the average of the rewards generated by the depositors managed by the $stAUR contract. These depositors generate rewards from the Aurora + Staking service.

Which is the fee for unstake of $stAUR?

For fast unstake (instant) the fees is a fixed amount for users wanting to unstake. The fee is 2% and can be updated via governance.

If you make a delayed unstake that takes a maximum of 4 days, there are no fees, but during the unstake period you will not generate rewards.

Is it secure to hold $stAUR?

Yes. Meta Pool is audited by Blocksec and is currently being audited by Halborn and tested by an internal team.

The Meta Pool’s team has put a high effort on security for the $stAUR’s smart contract.

How can I get $stAUR?

Staking $AURORA tokens in Meta Pool.

If I want to withdraw $stAUR what do I need to do?

$stAUR is a non-custodial token that is minted directly to the staker wallet. The staker is free to transfer this token to any third party wallet.

Why do I need to stake $AURORA?

To get $stAUR that currently has an APY of approx. 19%

Who holds the $AURORA tokens when these are staked?

These tokens are managed and holded by the $stAUR contract in a non-custodial service. Any user is able to redeem their $AURORA tokens through the unstake service at any time.

There is a waiting period for unstake?

The fast unstake service is instant but it covers a fee for making it this way.

If you make a delayed unstake that takes a maximum of 4 days, there are no fees, but during the unstake period you will not generate rewards.

How does the liquidity pool work on $stAUR ?

The liquidity pool concentrates $AURORAs provided by the community to offer them to the $stAUR unstakers.

Liquidity providers gain a fee for putting their $AURORAs in the pool. The pool’s fee varies according to the amount of $AURORAs available.

I can’t find my $stAUR on my wallet, what can I do?

Remember that you first need to add them. Here is the $stAUR contract: 0x2b22F6ae30DD752B5765dB5f2fE8eF5c5d2F154B.

Or go to the Dashboard section on Meta Pool Ecosystem and see the information provided to add the token on your wallet.

Are staking rewards staked automatically?

The rewards are accrued in the value of the $stAUR automatically.

What would happen if I transfer to another person my stAUR token?

Possibility to claim both: $AURORAs and staking rewards will be transferred to the new holder.

If I did not send $AURORA to staking, but simply bought $stAUR, will I be able to exchange it for $AURORA?

Yes, the holder of $stAUR is the one and only who can unstake the $AURORA’s.

What would happen if I trade my stAUR token?

Staked Aurora and accrued rewards are transferred to the new holder.

Where can I find stAUR statistics?

On the metapool.app site you can find the metrics related.

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