Multichain Governance

In the latter half of 2023, Meta Pool faces a significant evolution in governance. Unlike earlier stages, mpDAO will no longer be solely responsible for overseeing operations on a single blockchain. This shift arises from the expansion of Meta Pool's Liquid Staking solution, which now extends across multiple networks.

This development introduces a new dimension to the governance structure, requiring adaptations to ensure seamless coordination and decision-making across the diverse ecosystem of chains.

Governance v0.2 will maintain its primary focus on the NEAR Protocol. This will be achieved by redistributing fees through mpDAO Grants, retaining governance-based delegation for validators, and facilitating the adoption of Meta Poolโ€™s Improvement Proposals within the NEAR ecosystem.

For other networks and staking mechanisms where Meta Pool operates, integration into mpDAO remains pending. During this transitional phase, these networks will continue to be managed by Meta Pool's core team, as efforts are made to align their governance with the mpDAO framework. This approach ensures a gradual and effective expansion of mpDAO's influence and governance capabilities across Meta Pool's multi-chain presence.

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