The Meta Pool Dashboard presents what is related to your account in Meta Pool. Your assets, your participation in the different Meta Pool products and actions pending to be carried out.

In addition to allowing you to simultaneously see all the tokens with which you can participate in the Meta Pool.

Steps to follow to see your Dashboard

1) Go to https://www.metapool.app/ an then to the section Dashboard. Or directly to: https://www.metapool.app/dashboard.

2) Network selection: Choose the Network of your preference. Note that by default the Dashboard liquidity is in the NEAR Network, but make sure to select the desired Network.

3) Connect your wallet by clicking the "Connect Wallet" button.

4) Choose your preferred wallet according to the Network preselected before, for this example, we will use MyNearWallet for the $NEAR token.

Your Assets

After connecting the corresponding wallet you will be able to see your assets.

There are also other action buttons, such as:

  • Use It: directs to Meta Pool products where you can use this asset.

  • Vote: directs to the Meta Pool DAO Voting section.

  • Stake: directs to the Staking section of the token to obtain the respective LST.

  • Get It: directs to the Staking section to get this LST staking the Original Digital Asset.

  • Add Token: Information required to include the Token in the wallet. If there is a button from your wallet in this section, you can include it directly by clicking.

Delayed Unstake


If you made a delayed unstake and enough time has not yet passed to be able to withdraw your tokens, you will see your delayed unstake action as follows:

This information is also visible in the Delayed Unstake section of the corresponding Token.


If you made a delayed unstake and enough time has passed, you can withdraw your tokens by clicking on the "Withdraw" button.

My Position

In NEAR Network, in addition to your assets, you can see your participation in the different Meta Pool products in the subsection: My Position.

It is located directly below the assets section.

In addition to being able to see your participation, there are different action buttons that direct you to the corresponding sections.

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