FAQ Ambassadors

How to be an ambassador in Meta Pool?

We are currently refining our mechanism to incorporate new ambassadors, more news coming soon.

What is Meta Pool looking for an ambassador?

A dynamic and proactive community builder that wants to learn, teach and spread the advantages of DeFi on emerging economies. Especially those created by Meta Poolโ€™s products.

What is expected of an ambassador's role?

As an ambassador, your role is to actively participate in fulfilling Meta Pool's assigned tasks, which are proposed periodically.

Additionally, ambassadors are expected to actively engage in Meta Pool's communication channels, fostering productive discussions. Providing assistance in resolving doubts and answering questions is a vital aspect of the ambassador's responsibilities

What is my retribution as an ambassador?

Ambassadors receive monthly payment based on their contributions to the program. At the end of every period, the tasks completed are verified and scored to make payments.

Where can I find the current Meta Pool ambassadors?

You can find them in our Discord, go ahead and use the @ambassadors tag and they will respond. In our Telegram, you can find a pinned message with their profiles in the General group. If none of the above works, go to our Discord or Telegram, mention your region and we will redirect you to the ambassador that is closer to your area.

All ambassadors are individuals?

Yes, at the moment we are just looking for individuals. Is probably that in the future organizations can join the program.

Are the ambassadors linked to a region?

Ambassadors are linked to countries and in coming stages will be by cities.

What are the benefits of being an ambassador in Meta Pool?

Early access to new Meta Pool products. Payment for tasks completed.

Are there any guidelines that an ambassador should follow?

Yes, once you are accepted as ambassador you will have the full guidelines and playbook to participate in the program.

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