Glossary mpDAO

  • mpDAO: Abbreviation for "Meta Pool's Decentralized Autonomous Organization." It represents the decentralized governance structure governing Meta Pool's operations.

  • Liquid Staking: The process of staking cryptocurrency assets to earn rewards while still maintaining liquidity, allowing users to access and use their tokens without waiting for staking periods to end.

  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO): An organization governed by code and consensus, typically on a blockchain, where decisions and actions are determined by the collective votes and contributions of its members.

  • mpDAO Token Holders: Individuals or entities that hold mpDAO tokens, serving as primary stakeholders with influence over mpDAO's development, governance, and resource allocation.

  • Governance: Decision-making and structure within an organization or network.

  • Community-Driven: Decision-making that involves active community participation.

  • $META Token: Governance token within Meta Pool's ecosystem.

  • Stakeholder: Entity with a vested interest and influence in the organization's activities.

  • Multi-chain: Expanding to operate on multiple blockchain networks.

  • mpDAO Grants: Structured funding mechanism for community proposals aligned with mpDAO's goals.

  • mpDAO Goals: Clear objectives that drive the vision and purpose of mpDAO, including fostering community-driven governance, enhancing blockchain network security, and promoting decentralized finance (DeFi).

  • mpDAO Treasury: Reserved fund pool managed by mpDAO.

  • Vote-to-Earn Rewards: Program rewarding community members for active participation in governance.

  • Proposal: Formal submission outlining a project or initiative seeking funding.

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