Fast Unstake

Learn how to unstake in Meta Pool step by step

There are 2 options to unstake in Meta Pool: you can Liquid Unstake (Fast Unstake) or do a Traditional Unstake (called Delayed Unstake).

Steps to follow to Fast Unstake

You may unstake your LST (Liquid Staked Token - stNEAR, stAUR or mpETH) immediately by paying a small fee and using the Liquid Unstake feature. Doing this you are actually swapping your LST token for the original Digital Asset + staking rewards. This is made possible thanks to Meta Pool liquidity pool.

To Fast Unstake simply:

  1. Token selection: Choose the token of your preference. Note that by default the staking is in the $NEAR token, but make sure to select the desired token.

  2. Select then the Fast Unstake option.

  3. Enter the amount of the LST (stNEAR, stAUR or mpETH) you wish to unstake.

  4. Review the current Liquid Unstake Fee and decide whether you want to proceed.

  5. Click the Unstake button and approve the transaction.

  6. After a few seconds, your transaction has been confirmed by the blockchain, you'll have your original Digital Asset + staking rewards on your wallet.

Note: Meta Pool liquidity fee has a different range depending on the selected token. It varies linearly according to the quantity of liquidity available in Meta Pool Liquidity Pool.

  • $stNEAR to $NEAR: from 0.3% to 3%

  • $stNEAR to $wNEAR: 0.4%

  • $stAUR to $AURORA: 2%

  • $mpETH to $ETH: 0.3% to 5%

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