What is the purpose of mpDAO?

mpDAO serves the purpose of addressing coordination and decentralization challenges among stakeholders involved with Meta Pool. It enhances transparency and inclusivity in decision-making, empowering the community to actively participate in shaping the platform's future.

What is the primary role of governance in mpDAO?

Governance in mpDAO plays a crucial role in facilitating decision-making, consensus-building, and coordination among network participants in a transparent, democratic, and decentralized manner.

How has Meta Pool evolved since its launch?

Meta Pool has evolved into a multi-chain Liquid Staking provider, expanding its presence across various blockchains, including Ethereum, and is aiming to achieve advanced governance.

When is Governance v0.2 scheduled to start?

Governance v0.2 is scheduled to commence in October 2023, building on the lessons learned during v0.1, which occurred from June to September 2023.

Who are the stakeholders behind mpDAO?

mpDAO Token holders are the main stakeholders of mpDAO, influencing resource allocation, proposal approval, and Meta Pool's strategic direction through participation in discussions, voting, and feedback.

What are the primary goals of mpDAO?

The primary goals of mpDAO are to foster community-driven governance, enhance blockchain network security through Liquid Staking, promote decentralized finance (DeFi), and empower the Meta Pool community.

How has Meta Pool's governance structure evolved in 2023?

In the latter half of 2023, Meta Pool's governance has evolved to accommodate multi-chain operations. mpDAO will oversee governance on the NEAR Protocol and redistribute fees through mpDAO Grants while integrating governance for other networks is pending for future versions of governance.

What is the purpose of mpDAO Grants?

mpDAO Grants are designed to support community proposals that align with mpDAO's goals, particularly in the areas of Liquid Staking and DeFi solutions.

How are mpDAO Grants funded?

mpDAO Grants are funded through fees generated by Meta Pool's Liquid Staking services.

What is the purpose of the Vote-to-Earn rewards program?

The Vote-to-Earn rewards program aims to incentivize active community participation in mpDAO governance by rewarding users for their involvement.

How can users claim their Vote-to-Earn rewards?

Users can claim their Vote-to-Earn rewards by visiting the Meta Pool website and navigating to the "vote -> My Power" section.

What is a proposal for mpDAO Grants?

A proposal for mpDAO Grants is a formal request for funding that outlines a specific project or initiative aiming to enhance Meta Pool's ecosystem. Proposals include essential details such as project objectives, execution plans, requested funds, and relevant documentation. Community members can submit proposals to contribute to the growth and development of Meta Pool.

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