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$stNEAR Tokens

What is stNEAR token?

stNEAR token means staked-NEAR, is the NEP-141 token this contract manages, representing your share of the MetaPool stake. After staking, you can use your stNEAR in other markets while still earning rewards.

Each epoch, the stNEAR tokens price will increase as staking-rewards are added to the pool. stNEAR tokens price will always increase as long as there are staking rewards.

stNEAR token is a perfect collateral asset in the NEAR ecosystem, because its price increments every epoch measured in NEAR.

How to stake my NEAR and receive stNEAR in Meta Pool?

We have a tutorial Stake for that ;)


$META Tokens (Until November 15, 2023)

What is $META?

$META is the native governance token of Meta Pool. By holding this token and staking as part of our decentralized governance mechanisms, you can directly take part in the decision-making process.

Token holders of $META will have a right to create and vote on proposals to the platform as part of its governance system on a ASTRO DAO.

Total supply of $META is 1,000,000,000 tokens.

How is $META generated?

At this time we are limiting the Meta tokens we are giving directly in Meta Pool and accrual of $META tokens for staking on the Meta Pool platform have terminated on February 28, 2022.

But rewards remains for Liquidity Providers. From the launch in August, $META was distributed once per epoch. From May 21, 2022, $META will be distributed once per week, every Monday.

So they can be now distributed on other platforms such as RefFinance, Trisolaris, Bastion, Burrow and other DEXs and lending/borrowing protocols, please check:

Can you tell us about your backers?

More information in our blogpost.

How does it work: $META treasury?

A 2% staking fee is charged on the staking reward, also 0.3–3% liquidity fee is charged as liquid unstaking fee, all these together with the $META DAO reserve make up the $META treasury.

From the treasury, operational costs like paying for hosting servers, bot transaction fees, operators and maintainers as well as for $META buybacks.

Where can we find information about the current circulation supply of $META?

All the information is on chain, you can query directly the Meta Pool contract, which is meta-token.near, and you can query the information there. You will be able to see what’s the current allocation of the $META. For stNEAR, the contract it’s meta-pool.near, and you can query all the information, it’s all on chain. We are working around the clock, so we appreciate your patience, and we are building as we go.

When I harvest $META, does it appear on my NEAR wallet?

When you harvest $META it updates your wallet balance, it transfers the $META from Meta Pool to your NEAR wallet.

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Do I need to harvest $META?

Yes, this is the way $META is transfered from Meta Pool to your NEAR Wallet. In case you don't harvest your $META it will be secure in Meta Pool.

NEAR Wallet

How can I show the stNEAR and mpDAO tokens in my NEAR wallet?
  1. Go to the Dashboard section

  2. Select the three dots button.

  3. Click on: add Token.

Why my staking is not reflected in the "staking" section of my NEAR Wallet?

The Meta Pool staking is reflected in you holding stNEAR tokens, it will not be reflected in the wallet as "staking", it will be reflected as stNEAR tokens.

How can I create a NEAR wallet account?

Please visit or and press the “Create Account” button.

Where can I check my staking and liquidity rewards?

You can visit "Dashboard" section to know the value of your Tokens.

This is the way to verify your staking rewards.

In "Liquidity" section you can verify the number of Tokens provided.

Is the Narwallets tab, a Chrome Wallet extension, superfluous in the NEAR ecosystem? What are the features of this extension?

As for Narwallets that was an initial project that we started and then evolved into Meta Pool.

One of the main features is that the wallet allows you to directly stake into Meta Pool or directly into a validator node. The extension also makes it easy to use the wallet with other applications, we wanted to build the MetaMask for NEAR. Which, has not got the initial traction that we hoped for and will continue to be a common goods project for the ecosystem, for now, until Meta Pool can consolidate, and then expand into some ideas for the extension wallet.


How Farming works using stNEAR?
  1. The users deposit their NEAR tokens on the Meta Pool vault, immediately after they start earning rewards of ±11% for staking in the protocol.

  2. Once deposit $NEAR in Meta Pool, the users receive the equivalent value in the stNEAR token, as proof of their staked balance that can be used on the NEAR DeFi Ecosystem.

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