What is the purpose of the Launchpad?

Meta Pool's launchpad is a kickstarter for new projects on NEAR to get funded by the community. It leverages staking to de-risks the financing of these projects:

Projects can request an amount of $stNEAR that they need to launch their product/dApp. Projects only get staking rewards from the $stNEAR and the rest is returned to the backer.

Backers get the opportunity to back project(s) they like and feel valuable for the NEAR ecosystem and the community.

Backers will receive a certain number (proportional to their support) of the project's native tokens in exchange for supporting the project.

What are the benefits of Launchpad?

For Backers:

  • Exposure and access to different projects and their tokens

  • De-risked backing: backers are not giving away their NEAR tokens staked to a project, just the staking rewards generated during the lock period. Backers get ALL their NEAR back after the lock period

  • Backers get a bond with the NEAR value of their deposit for backing and another one representing the project tokens.

For Projects:

  • Get exposure to funding from the community

  • Contribute to and support the decentralization of NEAR

  • Accessible channel to distribute their tokens

  • Price discovery mechanism: projects are getting funding to kickstart the development

What does Meta Pool offer to support the project's fundraising campaign?

Each project landing on Launchpad for a fundraising campaign will get support from Meta Yield at no cost from a marketing and promotion perspective:

  • Pre-launch campaign

  • Launch promotion

  • Weekly on going promotion during the fundraising time window

Additionally we are working with different entities of the NEAR ecosystem that are interested in the opportunity of financially supporting these new projects on NEAR.

What are the risks for users?

Even though the Meta Pool team is curating as much as possible the projects launching a fundraising campaign on it Launchpad, nothing is guaranteed, and there are always risks.

So before diving into financially supporting a project on Launchpad, here is the first set of questions you have to ask yourself before backing a project are:

  1. Do I understand the projectโ€™s offering?

  2. Am I convinced by the Project (product, service, team, roadmap, etc) and its value proposition?

  3. Do I believe this project will increase in market share, TVL, and token value over time?

  4. Do I consider that all the above and the reward (project token) is good enough for me to back it?

Do your own research (DYOR) before spending your tokens.

Are there any risks for the projects?

Projects raising funds on Launchpad have a low level of risk since they only receive staking rewards from supporters, so they donโ€™t have to lock any kind of token to claim their rewards.

The project tokens allocated to the fundraising campaign for backers in exchange for committing their future staking rewards are distributed after a lock period and via a linear release over a period of time defined by the project.

If a project does not reach any funding goal, the stNEAR tokens that backers have committed will be returned to them immediately after the end of the fundraising period.

What will happen to the project that is being funded if the price of the NEAR token drops a lot?

The funding goals set up by the project are set in $NEAR / stNEAR. So the successful closing of a fundraising campaign is totally independent from the USD value of the $NEAR token.

And like for any regular market, timing is a success factor. But the right/perfect timing is rarely, not to say never, attained.

However the project has 2 options to redeem the financial support obtained through the fundraising campaign:

  • Get the staking rewards upfront at a discounted rate.

  • Wait for the lock period to end before receiving the staking rewards.

This gives the project the opportunity to somehow time the market and eventually wait for better times in terms of USD value of the $NEAR token.

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