Learn how to provide liquidity to Meta Pool

Liquid Unstaking is only possible thanks to the Liquidity Providers (LP) who supply the protocol with the Tokens ($NEAR; $AURORA, $ETH) required for instant swaps (withdrawals) with the respective LSTs ($stNEAR, $stAUR, $mpETH). Liquidity Providers earn Liquid Unstaking fee.

To add or withdraw $NEAR as a liquidity provider:

  1. Go to an then to the section Liquidity. Or directly to:

  2. Network selection: Choose the Network of your preference. Note that by default the liquidity is in the NEAR Network, but make sure to select the desired Network.

  3. Connect your wallet by clicking the Connect wallet button.

  4. Choose your preferred wallet according to the Network preselected before, for this example, we will use MyNearWallet for the $NEAR token.

  5. Select whether you want to Add, the "Add Liquidity" or to Remove the "Remove Liquidity" option.

  6. Enter the amount to add or remove liquidity.

  7. Add or Remove: click on the "Add Liquidity" button or the "Remove Liquidity" button and "Approve" or "Confirm" the transaction in your wallet.

Note, the minimum you are allowed to Add Liquidity according to the Network selected:

  • 2 NEAR

  • 2 AURORA

  • 0.01 ETHEREUM

Note: always leave some NEAR or ETH (depending to the Token selected) on your wallet to cover transaction costs.

You'll get confirmation after the transaction has been processed by the blockchain and your stake deposit has been successful. This usually only takes a few seconds.

Liquidity Providers earn Liquid Unstaking fee: Meta Pool liquidity fee has a different range depending on the selected Network. It varies linearly according to the quantity of liquidity available in Meta Pool Liquidity Pool.

  • $stNEAR to $NEAR: from 0.3% to 3%

  • $stAUR to $AURORA: 2%

  • $mpETH to $ETH: 0.3% to 5%

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