FAQ mpDAO & Governance

What is the Meta Pool’s governance?

Is the way in which Meta Pool’s DAO consolidate. It’s the set of rules and guidelines that describe how the DAO will move from a central core team to a community driven protocol.

The v0.2 of governance implies the redistribution of the fees covered by Meta Pool to the participants of Meta Pool’s DAO.

On a monthly basis, Staking reward fees will be distributed based on the following conditions:

  • 65% to mpDAO token holders that generate voting power.

  • 35% to initiatives proposed by Community Representatives, projects or organizations.

What are the DAO’s community initiatives?

The initiatives are proposals put forward by community representatives to request funding from the monthly fund, which is generated from Meta Pool's fees.

These initiatives are subject to a vote by mpDAO token holders, who will determine which proposals will receive support.

What Kind of Initiatives the community representatives should present?

Is expected that initiatives proposed to achieve Meta Pool vision and mission.

In this sense, initiatives can include: community activations, education programs, participation in events, and enhancing Meta Pool’s functionalities.

Who are the community representatives that can present an initiative?

Any globally recognized individuals who represent communities, particularly those actively engaged in Web 3.

During the initial round of voting, community representatives will be selected from Meta Pool's Ambassadors program, serving as a pilot phase

Who can vote in the DAO?

All mpDAO token holders who gain voting power by locking their tokens. This voting power can be utilized and reassigned to new voting positions in future voting rounds.

When will an initiative be considered as accepted?

After the community representatives present their initiatives, a commission comprising the Meta Pool core team will evaluate and select the ones that align with the aforementioned objectives. The status of the selected initiatives will be changed to "Approved," and community representatives will receive an informative message regarding the selection.

Who are the rulers for Meta Pool’s governance?

The primary focus should always be on advocating for the best interests of mpDAO token holders, with a strong emphasis on driving the development of Meta Pool, the community, and decentralized finance.

According to tokenomics, the mpDAO token holder group is intended to comprise the community, founders, advisors, and investors. This also includes those who acquire mpDAO tokens through exchanges.

What is the difference between community representatives and ambassadors?

Ambassadors are part of an internal program to spread Meta Pool contents worldwide. A community representative can be any individual leading a community.

Is it mandatory to lock the mpDAO tokens and vote?

No, the mpDAO token holders have the option and moral responsibility to promote participation in DAO governance and voting processes, but it is not mandatory.

Do I receive any reward for participating in voting rounds?

Meta Pool distributes 65% of their fees among the users that hold voting power and vote in the DAO.

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