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Meta Pool

What is Meta Pool?

Meta Pool is the leading liquid staking ecosystem in DeFi. Its solutions includes:

  • Liquid Staking Tokens

  • Liquidity Pools

  • Launchpad, in a lossless way.

  • Bond market, for locked positions on launchpad.

  • Multi-chain solutions, actually living in Ethereum, NEAR and Aurora.

  • DAO and governance, for the whole protocol.

What features does Meta Pool have?

If you stake in Meta Pool you will get:

  1. Swap stNEAR<->NEAR (liquid unstake):

  2. Lending and Borrowing with stNEAR

    1. Meta Launchpad is a lossless staking rewards-based crowdfunding platform for NEAR projects seeking financial support and exposure to the NEAR community: Launchpad

What’s the crypto economic structure of Meta Pool?

In Meta Pool value is captured in three ways:

1. stNEAR fees that come from NEAR staking rewards which is a fixed 4% of the total staking rewards.

2. Liquid Unstaking fees which will be variable ~0.3% - 3% (depends on existing liquidity and operation amount, similar to standard swap pools).

3. mpDAO Reserve: all revenue generated on the platform from staking and liquidity pool fees is sent to the Treasury and handled by the smart contract in the form of stNEAR tokens.

What makes Meta Pool stand out and what are its long-term plans?

The vision behind Meta Pool and our mpDAO tokenomics is to create a way for individuals to be self sovereign and create on-chain value for a blockchain protocol.

Additionally https://medium.com/meta-pool/meta-pool-in-the-long-run-15b05b8d23bf

At Meta Pool, we are here for the long run. Our project is backed by more than 10 VC firms that invest in projects all around the NEAR ecosystem. Additionally, our community of thousands of users proves our commitment to making a strong, durable project that can not only exist, but also thrive in any market conditions.

More information on the Tokenomics

What about Meta Pool Tokenomics?

Click on blog and Tokenomics & Governance section.

What rewards do I get in Meta Pool?

In Meta Pool you will receive stNEAR and $META token (comming back soon).

You receive stNEAR when you stake your NEAR tokens or your wNEAR tokens, you receive stAUR when you stake your AURORA tokens and you receive mpETH when you stake ETH tokens. stNEAR + stAUR + mpETH increases its value every epoch representing the rewards gained by delegated Meta Pool tokens in validators or the validators activated in the chain.

How many NEAR or wNEAR or AURORA or ETH I should stake to receive a reward?

You need at least:

  • 1 $NEAR

  • 1 $wNEAR

  • 1 $AURORA

  • 0.01 $ETH

to receive a reward.

How Meta Pool choose validators in the NEAR chain?

Validators are chosen by having (1) an uptime >95%, (2) fee of <10%, (3) not being over the Nakamoto Coefficient and (4) have enough tokens to accomplish seat price of NEAR protocol.

You can review the list of Meta Pool validators on NEAR Overview.

Please follow Validator section: we have an automatic process to choose validators, but in case you have interest in being part of Meta Pool just fill the form and we will consider it.

Is Meta Pool safe from hacking?

Meta Pool is a non custodial liquid staking platform. Additionally the team makes a reasonable effort to ensure that any transactions carried out via or on the Meta Pool platform and Meta Pool protocol are secure.

Not withstanding the aforesaid, there is no assurance that there will be no theft of the digital assets as a result of hacks, sophisticated cyber-attacks, distributed denials of service or errors, double-spent attacks, flash-loan attacks, vulnerabilities or defects of the Meta Pool platform, Meta Pool protocol, or related software, of the NEAR or any other blockchain, or otherwise.

We were audited by BlockSec and Halborn, more info Audit section

Is there any risk doing staking in Meta Pool?

Yes, remember that Meta Pool, and blockchain itself, is an experimental technology still under development. Please read the Security section.

Is Meta Pool open source project?

Yes, you can verify Meta Pool's Github repository.

How can I collaborate with Meta Pool?

Join us in Discord and let's talk about it in #🀝-partners-and-proposal channel! You can also fill out the form.

Where can I find Meta Pool statistics?

Meta Pool team

Can you do an introduction for yourself and the developer team?

We are co-founders Claudio Cossio and Lucio Tato, we founded Meta Pool, which is a liquid staking solution on NEAR, AURORA and ETHEREUM. Currently we have a team of developers, who also with Lucio on our development team, and right now I’m kind of like a man of many hats, so basically doing fundraising, partnerships, a little bit of marketing as well, that’s kind of what we do.

What is Meta Pool working culture?

This is the culture that we live by in Meta Pool:

  • 0 stress culture

  • Clear and direct communication, we need to be agile

  • Feedback is more than welcome

  • Excellence on performing

  • Take risks and learn, mistakes are going to be there

  • Flexibility to change fast

  • Be autonomous and ask for help

Why did you choose the NEAR Ecosystem? What do you think NEAR will add to you and how it will help Meta Pool?

Our team is long on NEAR and we are part of the NEAR ecosystem since most of us belong to the NEAR Hispano, Open Web Sandbox, Silicon Craftsmen and other Guilds from the ecosystem.

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