Voting Power Calculator

On May 1st, 2024, Meta Pool introduces a new tool: the Voting Power Calculator.

This calculator will help you calculate the Voting Power to obtain based on the mpDAOs to be locked and the chosen unbonding time.


Go to Vote section to use the Voting Power Calculator. The perfect tool to simulate your Voting Power acquisition, even without the need to have your wallet connected.

Estimated Rewards

Estimated calculations of Rewards to obtain by locking your mpDAOs for the chosen unbonding time.

Estimated rewards that you will get by participating in the gobernance in a year or in a month.

Unbonding period

Unlocking mpDAO tokens takes time, and the length of that waiting time is called "The Unbonding Period" Choosing a longer unbonding period shows stronger commitment to the DAO. The more committed you are (by waiting longer), the more voting power you have and the more rewards you can earn. It´s a trade-off, though, while you are waiting (unbonding), you can´t vote, so you´ll miss out on those voting rewards.

Choose wisely: quicker access with fewer rewards, or longer waiting period for bigger rewards and a stronger voice in the DAO.

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