mpDAO Grants Treasury

The mpDAO Grants Treasury is a critical component of Meta Pool's governance. It plays a pivotal role in sustaining and supporting proposals aligned with the vision of mpDAO.

The funds in the mpDAO Grants Treasury are primarily generated from the fees accrued through Meta Pool's Liquid Staking services. When users participate in Liquid Staking on Meta Pool, they earn rewards. A portion of these rewards is directed back to the community through the mpDAO Grants Treasury.

The fees generated are distributed this way:

  • 35% Allocation to mpDAO Grants Treasury: Half of the fees collected from Liquid Staking rewards is allocated to the mpDAO Grants Treasury. These funds are targeted specifically to proposals that contribute to the growth and development of the Meta Pool ecosystem. This allocation ensures a consistent source of support for projects that align with the community's goals and aspirations. The treasury consists of 10% for Growth allocated for the promotion of Grants, Ambassadors, and Partner Platforms and 25% for Infrastructure.

  • 65% Allocation to Vote-to-Earn Rewards: The remaining 65% of the fees is allocated to the Vote-to-Earn rewards mechanism. This mechanism is designed to incentivize active participation within the Meta Pool ecosystem. Involves its distribution among all voters, creating a system where community members are rewarded for their engagement and decision-making within the governance framework.

The mpDAO Grants Treasury, powered by the fees from Liquid Staking rewards, serves as a source of funding for proposals that drive education and progress within the Meta Pool ecosystem. This structure not only aligns with the principles of decentralization but also empowers the community to actively shape the future of Meta Pool through both direct and indirect participation.

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