FAQ Voting

What do I need to vote?

Voting allows you to get voting power, voters rewards and to participate in the distributions of funds from Meta Poolโ€™s DAO: Choose projects to be launched on Meta Yield, validators to give extra delegation and initiatives to receive funds for support projects.

Who can vote in the DAO?

All mpDAO token token holders who gain voting power by locking their tokens. This voting power can be utilized and reassigned to new voting positions in future voting rounds.

Is there any minimum voting power to vote? or maximum?

The minimum to vote is 1 and without maximum.

Where can I vote and get Voting Power?

In metapool.app, at the Vote section.

Lock your mpDAO tokens for a chosen period of time and get Voting Power.

Do I receive any reward for participating in voting rounds?

Meta Pool distributes 65% of their fees among the users that hold voting power in the DAO.

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