• mpDAO Governance V0.2 incorporates a whitelist and approval process administered by the core team for proposals.

  • A fee of 5 NEAR tokens is required to submit a proposal. This fee is non-refundable, and approval is not guaranteed upon payment. The funds collected will be staked to generate stNEAR tokens, which will then be deposited directly into the mpDAO Grants Treasury.

  • mpDAO Grants will exclusively distribute fees generated on the NEAR Protocol. Grant funds will be distributed in stablecoins within the NEAR Protocol, converted from $stNEAR from the mpDAO treasury allocated for this purpose.

  • Each proposal must outline up to 4 milestones and the expected payment for each milestone.

  • Grant disbursement will occur upon milestone completion. Proposals requesting less than $1000 USD may include a single milestone.

  • If a grantee fails to provide a sign of life, the grant may be revoked, and the funds will return to the mpDAO Grants treasury.

  • Project execution may span up to 2 months per milestone, with a total project duration not exceeding 6 months.

  • Voters in mpDAO Grants are eligible for the Vote-to-Earn program.

Expected project tracks for mpDAO Grants support include:

  1. Education: We're eager to back initiatives offering workshops or incorporating Meta Pool into university curricula to educate students about our ecosystem.

  2. Content Creation: Projects aimed at producing educational content to illuminate how the Meta Pool Ecosystem operates will receive strong consideration.

  3. dApps Integrations: We're seeking proposals from projects keen on integrating Meta Pool Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) or Governance features into their platforms.

  4. Events: Whether it's sponsoring or organizing events centered around Meta Pool, we're excited to support endeavors that spread awareness and foster discussion.

  5. AI-Blockchain dApps: We're intrigued by projects exploring AI and blockchain integration to enhance the LST Ecosystem and welcome proposals in this space.

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