Meta Pool Ecosystem

The Ecosystem DApp simplifies the complex process of authentication for staking and bond purchases. Users no longer need to go through a repetitive process to connect their wallets to our distinct platforms. The new seamless experience allows NEAR, Aurora, ETH and mpDAO token holders to interact with each DApp without friction.
You can interact in the NEAR + AURORA + ETHEREUM Protocol on the same Ecosystem Platform.

Multichain Liquid Staking:

In addition to NEAR staking Meta Pool releases the first ever native Liquid Staking token for the Aurora Blockchain. Ethereum staking is coming to the ecosystem soon with SSV Network launch.

Institutional Liquid Staking:

Meta Pool builds bridges between blockchain protocols and traditional finance and fintech organizations to offer institutional grade Liquid Staking services. Meta Pool works with custodial partners such as Fireblocks, Qredo and Finoa.

Crowdfunding Launchpad:

Users support new Web3 projects built on the NEAR protocol with lossless crowdfunding, by only committing their staking rewards in exchange for Project Tokens.

Bond Marketplace:

Users buy or sell tokens with favorable terms in a flexible secondary bond marketplace.

Vote & Governance DAO:

The community will influence the future of the protocol with Meta Pool’s native Governance Token.