Launchpad is a lossless staking rewards-based Web3 Crowdfunding platform for NEAR projects seeking financial support and exposure to the NEAR community.

A very simple mechanism that de-risks investments supporting Web3 projects, since backers are only exchanging their future NEAR rewards for the project’s tokens.


Launchpad´s objective is to provide exposure and access to different projects, enabling the community to financially support web 3.0 projects built in NEAR protocol through liquid staking, by only committing their staking rewards to a specific project.

It provides a great experience for backers (Investors) that want to support projects being built on NEAR and for project stakeholders that want to build on top of NEAR.

Launchpad only uses the staking rewards generated by the locking of the backers stNEAR to fund a project.

How it works

Supporters mint the project’s tokens with their staking rewards, not their crypto assets. This is how it works:

1. Founders that need to fund their NEAR project can request an amount of $NEAR that they need to launch their product/app. Projects only earn staking rewards (~10%) of what backers commit, not the underlying crypto assets.

2. Users / investors financially back the project through the lossless NEAR staking rewards-based Web3 fundraising process. Backers earn tokens from new projects launching on NEAR or receive an NFT drop (coming soon)

3. Backer’s stake (lock) their stNEAR and commit all their NEAR staking rewards to the project in exchange of the project's native tokens.

4. Users / investors get a receipt as an IOU (I owe you) for their $NEAR, so they can claim them after the project has earned all their rewards. Backers recover their crypto assets: at the end of the locking period, you recover 100% of your NEAR.

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