April 2024 Migration - mpDAO

How to migrate $META to mpDAO?

Follow this instructions: Migrate Now

Where are my $META tokens?

Your $META tokens are still in your Wallet and/or in the metapool.app until you perform the migration to mpDAO, which will be available on 04/15/2024.

I didn't manage to lock my $META tokens. What should I do

You have until April 14th to lock your $META tokens on the metapool.app website. Starting on April 15th, Meta Pool will change the contract, so it will not be available to lock on metapool.app. Starting in May

If you still have $META tokens unlocked after April 14th, you will need to go to: old.metapool.app to lock your $META, perform the migration, and obtain your mpDAO.

I don't see my $META tokens and I had an unlock position.
When can I migrate from $META to mpDAO?

From 15.04.2024 18:00 hs. (UTC) to 30.04.2024, migration can be done on the NEAR network on the Meta Pool website - metapool.app. The sooner you migrate to mpDAO, the greater the reward. Remember that in order to receive rewards, you must vote on the proposed options, both as Validators, Grants, and MPIPs.

How can I obtain mpDAO?

All $META holders on the NEAR network will be able to migrate to mpDAO from metapool.app. Acquiring additional mpDAO will, for the time being, only be available on the Ethereum network starting 01.05.2024.

"What should I do to obtain rewards?

To obtain rewards, it's important to participate in the Meta Pool DAO. You can participate in the Meta Pool DAO by voting. The current voting possibilities are: Validators, Grants, and MPIPs.

What is mpDAO?

mpDAO is the Governance token of Meta Pool. It allows holders of mpDAO tokens to be part of Meta Pool's decisions. Being a holder of mpDAO makes you a participant in the Meta Pool DAO.

When can I withdraw my rewards?

Rewards are calculated daily, but they are available for withdrawal every 3rd day of each month. Ethereum user: The first date to withdraw your rewards for Ethereum users will be on 06/03/2024.

Why do I have less Voting Power than before?

With the new mpDAO contract, the operation of the DAO was made more efficient, and as a result, we improved the calculation of Voting Power, rewarding mpDAO holders with longer unbonding periods. The calculation of Voting Power is: quantity of mpDAO x unbonding period / 60. This calculation results in 1 VP being equal to 1 mpDAO only with an unbonding period of 60 days."

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