Meta Bond Market is a platform that gives Launchpad Investors the possibility to trade their investments and their earnings in the form of bonds.

The objective of Meta Bond Market is to provide a tool to acquire and offer different types of bonds that are currently generated by supporting projects in Launchpad.

Meta Bonds can be accessed an then to the section Bonds. Or directly to:

Meta Bond Market works with 4 simple steps:

  1. Support Projects in Launchpad.

  2. Get bonds according to the investment in Launchpad and related rewards.

  3. Offer the bonds on the platform.

  4. And/or buy bonds from other sellers.

How it works?

Users invest in Meta Launchpad to early-stage projects. If these projects manage to reach at least the first investment goal, supporters get rewards in project tokens, in gradual release in exchange for their locked investment.

Once the Fund Period is over, Meta Bonds generates two bonds for the supporter (backer):

  1. First Bond: In NEAR tokens. This amount corresponds to the valuation in NEAR of the stNEAR locked at the end of the Fund period.

  2. Second bond: For the amount of Tokens of the supported project to receive in gradual release.

The supporter can choose at any time during the Lock Period if they want to put either one or both bonds up for sale.

If the bonds are not put up for sale, the bonds continue their course, and at the end of the lock period the investment is returned to the bond holder, and the rewards of the supported project are delegated in gradual release according to the proposal.

For each bond you can choose / perform the following actions:

  1. Split the bonds into smaller bonds.

  2. Offer them for direct sale.

  3. Offer them at auction.

Set the time that the bonds will be offered for sale.

Bond Market

This section displays all the bonds offered on the platform. The data of each bond is shown and it will be possible to acquire / bid for them.

My Bonds

My Bonds section details all the bonds that the user owns. From this section the user can:

  • See all the data of the bonds

  • Sell them

  • Merge them (important, in order to merge 2 bonds, all the bond criteria must match: asset, due date and Cliff date if applicable).

  • Split them (bonds can only be split if that have not been partially claimed).

My Sales

In this section you can view the bonds that the user put up for sale. The active sales and the completed ones.

  • Direct sale: the buyer bids directly and the seller will see in this section, that the sale was made and will be able to obtain the corresponding tokens.

  • Auction Sale: the highest bid is the winner and at the end of the bidding period the seller will be able to get the tokens.

  • End of bid period: If at the end of the bid period, there were no offers, the seller may put his bond up for sale again or end the process.

Important: if the bond was sold, the seller must enter the bond and press β€œget tokens” to close the sale process. This process is manual.

Bond Guarantee

When offering a bond up for sale, the system will request a minimum amount (currently 1 NEAR) as a guarantee.

This allows the system to hold only bonds that represent a minimum of the amount of the guarantee in question.

When closing the sale process, this amount will be returned to the seller.

My Bids

In "My bids" the user can view the active bids he has made for bonds at Auction.

Direct Sell bonds are not displayed here, since they are already automatically incorporated into the "My Bonds" section.

If you are losing the auction, the system allows you to increase your bid or cancel your bid by withdrawing your tokens.


Active sale period

  • Losing: this offer was outbid. The user can increase the offer or withdraw the current offer.

  • Winning: This bid is the best, it is the one that is winning. The user must wait for the completion (sale ends) to see if he actually won.

Sale period ended

  • Win: This status is displayed if the bid at the end of the bidding period is the winning one. The user can claim the bond.

  • Lose: This status is displayed if the bid at the end of the bidding period is the loser one. The user can claim (withdraw) his offer of tokens for this bond.

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