Launching a new campaign



To register your project to be voted on, you must be attentive to calls for new campaigns on the different Meta Pool social networks and complete the following form: Project Registration.

Do not forget to include in the description of your project the following points to be published in case you are chosen for voting:

  • Project description

  • Tags for project

  • Team description

  • Social media

  • Website

The open call for projects. What project can apply? All projects that provide their information on time can be considered.


Once the registration stage is over, the projects that will participate in the next campaign will be selected and everyone will be informed of the decision. Whether or not they were selected.

Points to evaluate the project and their teams:

  • Community

  • Team

  • Idea

  • Plans for the funding

  • Relation with the ecosystem

Voting rounds are 2 projects at a time in each campaign.

Teams that are selected are notified, but they are informed also about next steps and possible dates for both the voting process and their funding campaign and will be asked for additional information and documentation such as graphic files, logo, banners, etc.

Teams that are not selected are also notified and we give them suggestions to continue working and maybe apply again in the future.


The start and end date of the voting campaign is established.

Advertising is done in the Meta Pool networks and the participation of the projects is very important to involve their communities.

  1. Meta Pool defines the β€œboost” the projects will be getting.

  2. One week before the marketing team announces the projects that will be available for voting.

The data of both projects are uploaded to the platform and the voting campaign begins.

Voting process starts. Projects have to encourage their community to vote.

The community votes with Voting Power that is acquired with Meta Tokens.

The project with the most votes is the winner and will be the first to participate in the Funding campaign.

The other project can participate for an Upcoming Funding campaign.

Both projects will have campaigns on Launchpad for the Funding Campaign, but the one with the first place will start earlier and will get a better boost than the second one.

Project information for Funding Campaign

Both projects will be asked to complete a new form with information required for the Funding campaign.

For starting a new campaign it is proposed to the Meta Pool's DAO and following a selection criteria and evaluation. After it meets the minimum criteria, it passed for voting and mpDAO holders that vote will decide if the campaign is launched.


Funding campaign form

The winning project will be asked for a NEAR Wallet to give them access to a website and they will be given the link to access the form to complete and have all the necessary information for the funding campaign.

1) Connect your Wallet: When entering the link provided by Meta Pool, you will be asked to connect a Wallet. It must be the Wallet initially provided.

2) Select the folder corresponding to the current campaign and follow the instructions

3) Create your project

Fill in the title of your project and press the Create button. Approve the transaction.

Click on the name of your project to start loading the form.

To make subsequent editions you must press the Button with the three dots and edit the form.

4) Complete the form with all the required information.

To save the form, press save and approve the transaction.

The Project may modify the form until the date agreed with Meta Pool. Once that date arrives, it cannot be modified any more.

Pre-Start of Funding Campaing

Once the form is completed, the transfer of the Project Tokens will be requested according to the Goals completed.

These Tokens must cover the Hard Cap and the Meta Pool Fees.

Advertising is done in the Meta Pool networks and the participation of the project is very important to involve their communities.

Funding Campaign

Campaign dates are established:

  1. Start of the campaign

  2. End of funding period

  3. Locking Period

  4. End of the campaign. When finished with the release of all tokens.

The data of the project is uploaded to the platform and the funding campaign begins.

The backers will finance the project with their stNEARs.

Once the financing campaign is finished, according to whether or not it reached the first goal, it is considered whether it was a successful campaign or not.

Not successful Funding Campaing

If the project does not reach the first goal, the campaign is considered unsuccessful.

The Project tokens are returned to the project and the stNEAR to the Backers.

Successful Funding Campaing

The project reached at least the first goal, therefore it is a successful campaign.

Meta Pool calculates:

  1. How many NEAR is equal to the amount in stNEAR deposited by the Backers.

  2. The gradual release of project tokens for backers.

Locking Period, Bonds and Gradual Release

  • Backers

According to the contribution of each Backer, two Bonds are provided:

  1. One Bond in NEAR represents all the stNEAR contributed at the end of the campaign. This Bond has a Due Date (Campaign Ending) and can be traded in the Bonds section of Meta Pool Ecosystem.

  2. One of all the Project tokens earned according to the stNEAR contributed and the goal reached by the Project. This Bonus has a Locking Period, and after this period the Bonus will be released gradually until the Due Date and can be traded in the Bonds section of Meta Pool Ecosystem.

  • Meta Pool

The fees from the Project Tokens is transferred to the Meta Pool.

  • Project

The project will be receiving the rewards corresponding to the NEAR staked (equivalent to the amount in stNEAR contributed by the Backers at the end of the campaign deposit date).

Locking period starts. Project team will be able to claim the rewards during this period.

Claim periods will be set by Meta Pool. In general, it will be once every 14 days, until the end of the funding campaign.

At the end of the gradual Release of the rewards, the project gets back the project tokens that were not distributed.

Important: the projects receive the rewards of the NEAR staked. The total NEAR amount invested will be returned to the Backers at the end of the campaign.

stNEAR invested by the Backers:

  1. Backers finance Projects with stNEAR

  2. If the campaign was successful at the End of funding period, it is calculated how many NEARs are equivalent to the stNEARs invested.

  3. Those NEAR are staked and will generate rewards in NEAR tokens.

  4. Those Rewards are the ones that the Projects receive in Gradual release.

  5. At the end of the campaign, the Backers receive their invested NEAR.

Once the campaign is approved by the mpDAO token holders, the process to kickoff the campaign starts with the transfer of the project tokens to Meta Pool.

After the finalization of the support campaign, the locked positions are turned into bonds.

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